Calgary Furnace and Air Conditioning Specialists

The staff at Alberta Home Services, family owned and operated for the past 30 years, combines heating and cooling expertise with meticulous customer service that has garnered the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence since 2003, the Calgary Herald Reader’s Choice since 2012 and other excellence and community award.

Members of the experienced service division regularly attend training programs to keep updated on the latest in the industry standards to ensure the highest level of service is performed in your home. Industry leading training, rigorous hiring standards, the best equipment and generous compensation to our staff allows Alberta Home Services to deliver consistent service and a great value.

Furnace Service

We are your ‘go-to’ guys when it comes to fixing that furnace or tuning it up all ready for another harsh winter. Our friendly technicians will not only fix the problem but will also leave you with tips and helpful hints to avoid future problems. We do furnace service (repair) to all makes and models of furnaces sold in Southern Alberta.

If you are in the market for a  new furnace we can offer you the best selection of makes and models furnace units, these are carefully assessed from a variety of providers in Canada and the United States. When performing a furnace replacement we want to provide you with a  long term solution to one of the most important investments in your house.

A successful furnace replacement is one where you install the best unit available for your home. A great replacement is one where we achieve the previous goal and stay within your budget and expectations. We will strive to do a great furnace replacement and not just a ‘successful’ one.

Air Conditioning

Calgary summers are getting warmer and warmer – an air conditioning unit can make the difference between and enjoyable summer season or a dreadful one. Many houses avoid installing a new air conditioning unit in fear that this will elevate their energy bills and choose instead make-shift solutions that don’t really solve the problem and in some instances waste even more energy!

New high-efficiency units have made this ‘energy bill problem’ a thing of the past. Our units are not only affordable to install but even more affordable to run all summer long without worrying about high energy bills or  big carbon footprint

Water Heating

There is nothing like a good hot shower, and even better when the next one in has also a good hot shower. But water heating goes beyond that, it’s also about being careful with our energy expenses and about keeping a slim and efficient operation of this wonderful natural resource.

This is why we provide the latest in water heating solutions: from high-efficiency atmospheric water tanks to the latest tankless water heaters.

All of our services are available to residential and commercial customers across Calgary and the surrounding area since 1986.

We offer many more services such as air purification, air filtration, humidifiers and cleaning services, just ask one of our service agents to provide you with a full list of services!