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Furnace Types

Discover a little bit more information on which type of furnace fits your home or property better, what are the advantages of each and the disadvantages as well.

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Single Stage Furnace

Single Stage Furnaces have one speed and that’s go.  0 – 100 instantly and constantly giving you the full extent of its power at all times.  Single stage furnaces are designed to ignore the everyday factors like the temperature outside or cold spots in your home.  When your thermostat detects the temperature at a uncomfortable level it sends a single to the furnace to rev into full gear until the thermostat detects it at the appropriate temperature set.
They are very basic and usually result in higher heating bills.  The positive side to these furnaces is the cost to produce.  Single stage furnaces generally run cheaper then two stage furnaces and multistage furnaces, making them cheaper when looking at the investment short term.

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Two Stage Furnace

The two stage furnaces are a great step up from the single stage furnace.  The main difference is the addition of a second flame setting.  By adding this secondary flame setting makes a extreme difference on energy costs.  Rather then the simple ON and OFF like on a single stage furnace, two stage furnaces can adjust the flame to be ON/High , ON/Low or OFF.
This simple adjustment gives the consumer the control to adjust the furnace accordingly.  If it is very cold outside, then turning your furnace to ON/High to adjust for the heat loss would be your best option. But for the cooler days most of the time the furnace can run on a lower setting to apply sufficient heat throughout the home.
This way you are not burning and wasting all the extra gas therefore lowering your gas consumption and saving you money throughout the year.  Theses furnaces run quieter and are slightly more expensive then its little brother the single stage furnace.

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Modulating Furnace

Also known as a multistage furnace, it is the ultimate choice when it comes to energy savings and efficiency, but also when it comes to home comfort and an even distribution of the heat.  Unlike the single stage and the two stage furnace, a modulating furnace does not refer to the amount of stages for your furnace to provide heat.  Instead it refers to the fan motor found inside the furnace.  This motor can move at a wide variety of speeds to control the amount of heat dispersed throughout your home.
They are great on fuel consumption and run the quietest out of the group.  The end result would be a more comfortable environment in regards to both temperature and humidity.  Short term,  modulating furnaces are the most expensive initial cost out of the three kinds.  Long term, they will save you more money on fuel consumption while still providing adequate heat to your standards for your home.

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