28 Point Furnace Tune Up

Our signature furnace tune-up will have your heating unit running smoothly during the winter. These 28 points will be carefully assessed by an expert heating and cooling specialist. It is important to note that most furnace manufacturers require a professional maintenance or tuning service done a by a licensed technician every year.

What do we check?

  1. Thermostat check
  2. Furnace operation check
  3. Air filter check
  4. Temperature rise check
  5. Gas pressure check
  6. Mark fuse/switch for furnace power
  7. Gas safety check
  8. Gas line check
  9. Clean pilot or flame sensor
  10. Clean burners, transfer ports
  11. Air fuel mixture inspect/adjust
  12. Combustion air check
  13. Motor cooling ports cleaning
  14. Motors lubrication
  15. Main blower motor check
  16. Vent motor check
  17. Shaft and bearings check
  18. Belt check: condition, tension, and alignment
  19. High-pressure safety check
  20. Heat exchanger inspection: condition, rollout, and disturbance
  21. Vent system inspection
  22. Pressure switches and vacuum lines check
  23. Condensate line/trap check
  24. Vent damper check
  25. Ignition system check
  26. Exterior unit check
  27. Leak test: press tap, union, fittings, and shutoff
  28. Carbon monoxide test

Why do a furnace tune-up?

Furnace manufacturers all recommend annual inspections and maintenance by a qualified furnace technician.  Many include language mandating in their warranties that damage to the units caused by improper maintenance is not covered under warranty. therefore units that are not serviced annually could have their warranty suspended.

Legal benefits should not be the main reason why do your annual furnace tune-up. A well-running furnace not only guarantees you peace of mind during the winter months but also means your furnace will be energy efficient. Our 28 point signature tuning will pay itself on energy savings alone during the cold months.

When is the best time to do it?

We recommend our clients to book this service during the spring and summer months as our technicians are less busy and can easily schedule the appointment to fit your schedule and not ours.