Furnace Repair Calgary

We maintain and repair all makes and models of installed furnaces in Calgary. We also install quality new systems from reputable manufacturers including Lennox, Goodman, Carrier, Rheem and more. Our trained technicians are here to assist you in any kind of heating or cooling emergency situation.

How does a Furnace work? (see Wikipedia link)

Some of the heating systems we sell, maintain, repair or replace are:

  • Standard Residential Furnaces
  • Water Heaters
  • Heat Pumps (what is a heat pump?)
  • High-Efficiency furnace units
  • Commercial Furnaces

Heating Maintenance, The Basic Steps

A cold damp home in the wintertime is as unpleasant to live in as a sweltering home is in the summer. To ensure that your home is comfortably heated in cold weather, some basic maintenance is necessary. If a heating system is properly maintained, even in the summer, there will be no problems when it gets time to use it regularly. Heating repairs are sometimes necessary no matter how well we take care of our systems, but with careful maintenance, this can be kept to a minimum.

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Basic steps you can take to ensure your system functions properly and safely in all seasons are:

  • Tuning up your furnace or boiler at least once a year
  • Replacing any necessary filters regularly
  • Testing for harmful carbon monoxide and ensuring your system is properly ventilated

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Furnace Repair Maintenance Plans

We also offer annual maintenance plans packed full of incentives. Including a tune-up of your furnace or A/C, a thorough inspection of your heating system for damage/safety issues, priority service over non-agreement holders, and great discounts on the replacement parts for repairs for the duration of your agreement.