Furnace replacement

Old furnaces may be running your budget bankrupt. For many homes getting a new furnace now only provides a more needed reliable heating option. In most of the cases, it means BIG SAVINGS! Both in costly maintenance and repairs as well as energy bills.

There are 3 main types of Furnaces:

  1. Single Stage Furnace
  2. Two Stage Furnace
  3. Modulating Furnace

Basically energy efficiency, level of comfort and installation cost go from the lowest being a single stage furnace to the highest being a modulating furnace system.

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The right furnace

Replacing or getting a new furnace is no simple decision. There is a lot of information to cover. This is why we have a team of dedicated consultants ready to assist about your Furnace Installation

Our consultant’s job is to find you the right furnace for your unique needs and budget. One of our specialist furnace consultants will meet with you for a 30-minute ZERO commitment FREE consultation at your best convenience (fits any schedule).  At the end of this consultation, you will be informed and provided with all the available options. We will leave it up to you to decide what is best. Our philosophy is simple, giving you honest and expert advice with the right choices and options equals an informed customer, that means also a satisfied one as well.

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Your Partner: Alberta Home Services

When you choose a heating contractor it is important to choose a partner and not just a company. We at Alberta Home Services know that getting a new furnace is an important decision. The needs of each home are different and this is why we choose to work with all major manufacturers such as Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, Coleman and other award-winning providers. By having the choices you can be assured that you will get the best choice for the budget that fits you.

We always try and put ourselves in the ‘shoes’ of a home, we believe that when you care it shows, and that is why Alberta Home Services has been at the heart of the Calgary Family since 1986.