Home Air Conditioning

When choosing a new or replacement central air system for your home, there is a range of different options and solutions to consider. An Alberta Home Services specialist consultant can help you with friendly and professional advice as to the relative merits of each option. Our consultants have worked with thousands of homes in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

There are multiple factors to consider and while every home changes dependent on numerous factors such as square footage, build and occupants; there is a checklist of elements actors that should be considered every time. The easiest way is to give us a call so we can guide you to select the best option for your home and budget.

 Air Conditioning Checklist:


This is a vital consideration. It is essential to have your home professionally-sized to your air conditioning needs, otherwise, your new system will not operate effectively. Being over-powered can be as ineffective as being underpowered. Speak with one of our Specialist Consultants at Alberta Home Services for a FREE no-obligation estimate for your home, with a professional sizing of your home’s requirements.


Most new units are incredibly efficient and wasteful air conditioning is definitely an issue of the past. Today air conditioning is cheap and efficient to run. Regardless, it is of critical importance to know the energy efficiency of the system before purchasing in order to assess the running costs and potential savings from your new system.

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Each of the various air conditioning brands has their relative strengths. Alberta Home Services is the authorized dealer for many of the leading air conditioning brands in Calgary and Southern Alberta. We have lots of choices for your new system, which guarantees a better fit for you.


Select a contractor that has years of experience and has been around long enough. Unfortunately, Calgary can sometimes be a tough place to find quality contractors. We service and maintain hundreds of systems across Calgary every year, and can advise you on the systems that have the best reputation for reliability.


System warranty is very important. Even though an air conditioning unit is not a very big investment, you want to make sure that your purchase is guaranteed for the years to come. We can help you select from a variety of industry-leading warranties.


When choosing a model you will have also the option to select from a range of system features and upgrades, including reverse cycle heating, zoning,  and indoor air quality improvements.


A true choice to select the best value for your on-going air conditioning needs, not just today but in the years ahead – the so-called “total cost of ownership”. This changes dramatically between systems, makes, and models.