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Signature Air Conditioning Tune Up

Our exclusive 16 point service tune-up that has made us famous in Calgary



16 Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Make sure your A/C unit is running smoothly and efficiently with our signature air conditioning tune-up performed by our cooling expert technicians. A tune-up is recommended before the hot season begins to ensure that your unit runs smoothly and efficiently. Air conditioning is known to be an energy-consuming appliance and therefore, turning it up is the key to get the most out of your investment and reduce energy consumption.

What do we check?

1. Check the Thermostat.
2. Clean filter or replace.
3. Check system temperature split.
4. Inspect disconnect.
5. Inspect fuses.
6. Inspect wiring.
7. Tighten electrical connections.
8. Inspect contactors and relays.
9. Inspect electrical safety circuits.
10. Check the voltage and amperage of all motors.
11. Inspect the indoor blower and motor for dirt buildup.
12. Inspect bearings and lubricate all moving parts ( if needed ).
13. Inspect condensate drain.
14. Inspect outdoor coil.
15. Inspect duct seal at the unit and secure panels.
16. Run and test the system.



Package Details

16 Points Comprehensive Tune Up
Free Air Filter

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Terms & Conditions

Subject to availability. Free disposable air filter with an air conditioner tune-up.
Repair, service or recharges are subject to additional charges. Additional units are charged at $129.00 per air conditioning unit. Coil cleaning is not included, if needed, a cleaning service fee will apply. Standard make and models. GST and Environmental fees not included. Some restrictions apply call for more details.

Guaranteed Work

We fully back our service. You can have peace of mind that the work we do is fully guaranteed.

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A+ Rating is the Better Business Bureau highest possible mark. Like the BBB says ``Start with Trust``.

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Born in Calgary. We know the local needs and the local weather that make heating and cooling here so unique.

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Air Conditioning Tune Up Service
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Why do an air conditioning tune-up?

Air conditioning manufacturers recommend annual inspections and maintenance by a qualified heating and cooling technician. Many include language mandating in their warranties that damage to the units caused by improper maintenance is not covered under warranty.
Besides the recommendation by your manufacturer, a professional air conditioning tune-up will ensure the proper function of your unit throughout the summer months. Proper function means efficient use of energy and a great cut to your energy bills. Most tune-ups end up paying for themselves in energy savings alone!

When is it best to get this service?

As expected, it is best to get your air conditioning unit tuned before the heating season begins but not too early as several aspects of the service can be performed only once the thawing begins. Essentially the best time would be from March to May. It can be recommended to get also your furnace inspected at the same time to save you a second visit by the technician later during the year!

Air Conditioning Tune Up
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