Your Furnace Filter

Protect your family from harmful particles

Premium furnace filters keep your home safe from harmful particulates, VOC’s, and other contaminants.

Your homes duct system is the best place for bacteria and mold to accumulate. Calgary homes remain insulated during most of the year from fresh air. Recycling this air is no easy task. A proper air filtration system will make tremendous differences in the effort to keep your home bacteria/mold/dust free.

High lights of Air filters supplied by Alberta Home Services:

  1. Air filters  reduce dramatically  airborne bacteria and some viruses.
  2. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are eliminated.
  3. Product Warranty on our air filtration systems.
  4. We select only from the best brands available
  5. We test our products before selling them to you

Thinking of Premium / Media Furnace Filters?

Most Calgary homes can benefit from premium furnace filters, these high efficiency Air filtration systems are recommended  for:

  • Allergies and breathing issues
  • People that suffer from allergies or having breathing problems such as asthma can greatly benefit from having a premium air filtration system.

Standard furnace filters catch larger particulates but often miss smaller ones, it is those smaller ones that are particularly harmful. These include many of the allergens that cause hay fever and other seasonal allergies.

Homes in Dusty Areas

Calgary’s air  is notorious for its dust.  A premium furnace filter will help reduce the amount of dust in your home by effectively trapping it and filtering it from the air supply.

Bacteria and Viruses

If you require a cleaner environment (for personal or for health reasons) then you more or less require a premium air filter.  Where a standard air filter will capture some of the particulates, a premium air filter system will also eliminate contaminates from the air (via UV, HEPA filtration, etc.).

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