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Heating and Cooling Accessories

When heating and cooling your home, many elements come together to complement your system. Whether it is to save money, breathe better or live more comfortably; these accessories are as essential as the main components in your home.


Recommended Accessories

A thermostat is any device that regulates temperature.  In our case, a thermostat is the part used to adjust temperatures in your heating and cooling system.  Thermostats can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Each having its own unique features while still providing the same goal.  You can have an older analog thermostat or a newer digital thermostat.  Either way, it’s important to make sure your thermostats are fully calibrated and operational.

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A humidifier is a device that increases humidity to a room or an entire building.  They can vary from point-of-use humidifiers (used to heat up a single room) to furnace humidifiers (connects to the system to provide humidity throughout the house.)  Humidifiers are extremely beneficial to anyone with hardwood floors in their home.  Without a proper humidifier, hardwood will shrink and expand over time causing the hardwood to separate causing damage beyond repair.  Artwork, books or other wooden furniture and respiratory distress are also impacted by low humidity.

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Energy Savings

Ever wondered how much energy your children are using playing their games?  Or when they leave the light on in their room.  How about when you forget to turn off the TV at night or start brewing your favorite cup of coffee.   Understanding how you are using your energy is the first step on how to save on energy. Be in control of your electricity bill and say goodbye to surprises.  One step at a time, you can see which devices in your house are drawing the most energy.  The Elite Wireless power monitor updates every 10 seconds so you can instantly see any impact of any device in your house.

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Central Home Humidifier $ Installation of selected modules.

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$419/ Installed Humidifier*

Central Home Humidifier
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Air Purification

As clean of home as you may keep, airborne contaminants including viruses, bacteria, mold, chemicals, VOCs, fumes, and odors always seem to find a way inside our homes.  A simple cold can be carried throughout your house by your own heating and ventilation system.   Have you ever wondered why it only takes one person in a home to make a household sick?  No matter how far you stay away from them, you end up catching it in the end.  Your cold air returns act as mini vacuums pulling in the cooler air (located closer to the ground normally.) While the hot air registers force out the freshly heated air completing the circle. Now, what happens when having an airborne virus?  The same cycle happens and the virus now spreads throughout the house. Measures can be taken to remove these pollutants before they have a chance to circulate.

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Air Filtration

How do you choose which filter fits your needs?  Is air quality important to you?  What about dust?  These are questions you will be asking yourself every time you go out to buy filters.  Many people find themselves spending extra money on thicker filters thinking they will get better air quality.   In a way that is true.  The side that is almost never mentioned is that your furnace needs to breathe! By limiting the airflow on the filter means the motor will have to run a lot harder to try to get the same airflow out of your vents.  Are u wanting a filter that you can just throw away?  Or maybe one you will never have to replace again!

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